Sunday, May 9, 2010


Oh I LOVE all your comments!  And I am right there with ya', sisters!  I am still working on WHY I wanted your input...and will share it very soon.
BIG changes are coming for us. It is all good, but so much to process and trust God to navigate us through.
But til then you can pray for us as we are sending off the I-600A this week!  Getting it notarized tomorrow and in the mail!  We are praying about timing...and watching the Waiting Child list like hawks.  Lord, please speak.  Please move and show us your plan.  Let us know when OUR child is ready for us, and let US be ready for that child.  You are on the throne.  Please keep us from trying to get on it ourselves!

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  1. Excited to hear what the Lord has planned for you!! (Especially as I frequently check the waiting child list too!)
    In His Love,
    Gloria's friend Amy


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