Monday, December 26, 2011

The Post-Christmas Post

Well, another memory is filed.  Another morning of watching my babes create what can only be described as pure carnage at the foot of the tree.
Another meal of too much, plus dessert.  Our home filled with friends and noise and mess and fun.
And another year of sitting next to my dear hubby as we settled down for a romantic evening...just the two of us...
watching National Lampoon's European Vacation.

Don't judge me.

(At least it was the somewhat edited version.)

We lit our last candle and sang for Him (this was before the the way)
How I loved watching the faces of my children...

They went to bed early (so we could watch that movie...I said don't judge me!) and were so happy and exhausted that not a single one of them had to be re-tucked.

I mean, people, do you KNOW how long it has been since we have not had to re-tuck at least one child?  Either after a sip of water, one more trip to the potty, or any other of a plethora of excuses...we always have to re-tuck someone.

But not last night.

They were worn plum OUT.  Their little eyes were closing before their curly heads hit the pillow.

It was a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

This Christmas, I truly feel I was more focused on Him and His coming than in many years past.  Partly because of this.  My heart has been filled and my voice has murmured lyrics all week...words that are eternal and true.  This concert set the tone for us.  Our imaginations were captured and our hearts ached for Him.  The words of these songs came to life and drew us so sweetly to the throne of the fact that He came while we were not looking.  He fulfilled all the promises that many had forgotten.

And He died for us while we were yet sinners.

All of this celebration and feasting, all of this fun and gathering and relaxing, every good and perfect gift is from Him.  We give and bless because He has so abundantly given and blessed.

We live because He came.  We rejoice because He is risen.  Whether we live in poverty or abundance or somewhere in between, He is the reason we sing and celebrate.  Without Him Christmas would be utterly empty and nonexistant.  There would be no warm spot in Winter.

But there is...because He is.

This day after, we have relaxed and played and been happily not busy.  Now I sit in evening silence, with rain coming in sheets outside my window, pondering the fulfillment.  Quiet has not exactly been abundant, so still my Bible awaits and I am about to turn those ancient pages and read Isaiah's words.  I did not want to rush or be distracted so it turns out I will sleep with them fresh in my mind.  I think this may be what He wanted for me today, how He intended this day to end in the first place.

But I must say, ending last night like this...with a good laugh next to my husband of 16 years...
well, you watch this and tell me if you don't crack a grin:

You know you laughed :)

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  1. Yes...I laughed!! Love your writing and so glad you, your hubby, and the children had a great Christmas. I hope 2012 is extra special for all of you...and that you can sneak in a few more quiet times so we can read what is in your heart.

    Mrs. Huddleston


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