Monday, July 26, 2010

We have a court date!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my word I can hardly believe it.  We were wrapping up a week out o' state with family when the call came...and I MISSED IT.

Because the phone was in my purse, y'all, instead of sewn to my palm where it usually is.  Sigh.

So, of course, I tried to return Anna's call but the AWAA offices had JUST closed.

Yes, she left a message saying we had a date but did NOT say WHEN.  Do ya' think I slept that night?  I think not.

So I finally got hold of her the next morning and we will be going to court October 1st!

In just a few weeks I will be holding Little Sister in my arms and smothering her beautiful little face with kisses.  Her Daddy will, no doubt, get all misty-eyed and choked up and I will probably just bawl.

I can hardly wait.

So now I am waiting to hear from the travel coordinator to begin the process of booking airline tickets, a room at the Yebsabi Guest House, and arranging for droves of sweet friends to keep my 4 babes at home entertained while we are away for the week.

Oh yeah, and have I mentioned we are about to begin homeschooling?  Oh for crying out loud, I would give ANYTHING to be one of those people who thrive on 4 hours of sleep.  

Anywho, we will be leaving a few days before court so we can spend time with her and then we will have to leave her (NOT ok with me) until the Embassy clears her to travel.  I am preparing care package #3, and looking for a creative idea for something I can bring with me to leave with her on our last day there.  I am thinking about going to Build-a-Bear and getting a bear that will record our voices saying "We will be back soon to bring you home" or something similar.  Do they still makes those?

So, Little Sister, the countdown has begun!  T Minus 64-ish days and counting til we see you face-to-face!  We have got pretty clothes waiting for you, and a beautiful bed next to Gracie's.  We have a stuffed bear from the ladies at Emmanuel who are praying for you, and 6 sets of arms that are aching to hold you.  Your brother, who is also 3, asks about you every day.  I asked him what he is going to do when he finally sees you and he held out his arms wide and said "I'm gonna hug her and 'tiss her."

So get ready, sweet princess.  You are going to surrounded by so much love that it may seem overwhelming at first.   But when you realize that you are ours, and we are yours, and that you are forever home, I pray you settle into a calmness of spirit and fullness of heart that comes from the hand of God.


  1. so many exciting things happening! praying for you all!

  2. We missed Reece's call the same way (I was outside riding on the stinkin' tractor for Pete's sake.) I'm soooooo SOOOOOO soooooo excited for you. Oh my. I mean, OH! MY!!!
    And I would love to hear just a little bit more about your homeschool plans too. What a year it's going to be. God is good.

  3. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! Oh my goodness! What a blessing! I am so excited for your family! May God bless you richly in this new step in your lives.

    in His precious, unfailing love,
    ~ ~

  4. I see you are up late blogging too! (THX for the Congrats on being DTE)!) I extend a HUGE Congratulations on knowing WHEN you get to meet your precious girl!!!! Will count the days with you! SOOO can't wait for you to hold her. Kiss her. Love on her! Blessings to you!


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