Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In eleven years of motherhood, I have never had a child with a serious "crush."    There have been momentary giggles or red-faced grins in the presence of another cutie, but honestly I've never been one to encourage the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing with my kids.  Personally, I'd be fine if they didn't notice the opposite sex existed until they were at least 27.

I'm just sayin'.

So imagine my surprise when Drew, Mommy's loverboy and seeker of all cuddles, developed a little crush on a cutie pie in his preschool class.  Now, her Mom and I have chuckled about it but I really blew it off because, well, he IS only 4.  And at this age kiddos change objects of affection more often than they change underwear.
Again he IS only 4.  And he is a boy.  And I often wonder why his hamper doesn't fill up as fast as his sisters...

But I digress.

Last week, said pre-k cutie pie sent out birthday invites to her upcoming Easter-themed soiree.  
The invitations have her picture on them.  
I nonchalantly placed it on my kitchen counter and promptly forgot about it made plans to go out and buy a birthday gift.

Shoulda hid the invite.

Tonight, just before dinner, I spot my loverboy with the invite held close to his chest.  He pulled it away long enough to gaze lovingly at the photo and proceeded to plant a kiss on cutie pie's face.

NOW HOLD ON ONE SECOND.  Those kisses are MINE, buster!  Don't you go and give them to some 4 year old who may or may NOT be deserving of those kisses because, lest you forget, those kisses are MINE!  Until you are at least 27!



  1. That Drew sounds like such a sweetie!! And you tell him girl - I agree 27 seems pretty reasonable. ;)

  2. Tehehehe laughs the mom of a 5 year old girl!!


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