Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Moments

I love Christmas.  I guess I've already told you that.  But, really, this season is filled with so many beautiful possibilities and, usually, they come by surprise.  I like to think I am good at planning memorable activities for my kids, but more often than not they just show up.

Then He gets the credit.  Isn't that how it should be? 

Every good and perfect gift is from above...
of course.

So one evening my dear, brave hubby decided to take 4 out of 5 munchkins to see a movie.  Katie and I declined, as I had a lot of gift wrapping I hoped to do in their absence.  She asked if she could help, and of course I said yes...as soon as I stashed her goodies out of sight.

We pulled out the sparkly paper, bows, tape...and all the gifts that had been accumulating as Mr. Ups made his frequent stops at our house.

Yes, folks...for those who often ask how I "get it all done" the answer is I don't.  I go online, point and click, and never darken the door of the Mall.

At least not during Christmas time.

So we sat down to our task and, as usually happens when her hands are busy, Katie started talking.

"Mom, I love Christmas.  And not just for the gifts, because I know it is about Jesus and His birthday.  But I just love imagining the looks on their faces when they open them."

"I think the little ones are the best, because they look so pretty."

"I knew you and Dad were Santa because you always made us go to bed early and then we could hear you walking around and doing stuff.  But it was fun. I liked having fantasies when I was little." 

"They are going to love these."

Every word she spoke made my heart fill with joy.  This daughter of mine, whose love language is so obviously the giving and receiving of gifts, was being blessed and lifted up by the simple act of selecting the perfect ribbon.  Writing to DJ from Mom and Dad and sticking the label to the package was an act of love.

Her love tank filled as she dreamed of filling theirs.

It was a memory that I will treasure all of my days.  This quiet time with just her, to see her love well and be "in" on the secrets, was pure bliss.

Now, I am fully aware that a couple of secrets may be spilled.  She is only human and keeping all the secrets just might cause her to burst so I did not reveal to her all of the siblings' gifts.  *grin* 

I wasn't born yesterday.

But I am willing to sacrifice a few secrets for moments like this.


  1. I just love reading your heart. Between this post and last, I can just really "see" some things I want for my own family and children. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love having time with my children alone too. I think with a lot of siblings, those precious moments of full attention are so craved. Loved your Christmas card. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family.


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