Friday, March 21, 2014


There is some major writer's block going down right now.  We have been on the road with various kids' activities for almost two week and are finally home for a while.  The busyness of life has threatened to overwhelm me as we struggle to get back on a normal schedule and finish the last quarter strong.

So you would think I have plenty to write about, wouldn't you?

But my mind has been occupied and the laundry threatens to take over my bedroom.  And living room.  And kitchen.  Travel fatigue has persisted and I'm sure one (maybe all) of them is going through a growth spurt. Maybe I'M going through a growth spurt because I am TIRED!

Two out of five are fighting colds, one is officially sick, and the trees are releasing pollen much to the chagrin of all our sinuses.  The dogs are shedding and I have a retreat coming up soon that is heavy on my heart (I'm teaching a precious small group of excited!) and did I mention we were out of town for over a week?

That can only mean one thing.  Mama boot camp, aka "get the kids to start following rules again,"

Because they seem to thing this whole "watch movies for hours" thing should continue.

It shall not because t is now officially spring and the first commandment of our home is "get thee outside when the temps are warm!"


So, until inspiration hits (and you can ask God to do that because I really don't want to write about me), or we have a rainy day I may be a sporadic writer at best.

If you have any suggestions for a topic, feel free to share!

Happy weekend, friends!  :)

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  1. I'm visiting from Lisa's smushed kisses blog. Love your first commandment! I also have five kids and encourage plenty of outdoor play! :)


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