Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Absolutely Nothing {Day 9}

I'm playing catch-up today.  This is the last full week of the semester for my homeschoolers and next week is mid-terms for my big kids who go to "regular" school.

I have never been more ready for Christmas break.

Laundry has piled up to gigantic proportions, the house is a study in clutter 101, and one of the dogs keeps foraging through the trash and leaving the evidence behind.  Lovely.

I got behind on my Revelation devotional...totally knew that would happen because that is how I after I finish this little post I am taking pen in hand and getting caught up.

Presents are (mostly) wrapped, the house is lit by colorful LED's (my first year with those and they are blindingly bright!) and so far the Elf has managed to move almost every day, though sometimes at mid-morning if my kids haven't noticed him yet.  ;)

I am craving still.  I am craving quiet, fire lit evenings and no homework or basketball games.  As much as I enjoy watching my kids play sports, I love watching them laugh at A Christmas Story from their spot next to me on the couch even more.  Family time is hard to come by in a season that is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest.

Christmas break is so close.  Just over a week away!  After that, we will CHILL the heck out.  We will sleep late and make cookies and eat too much sugar and get away from it all.  We will road trip and swim in heated pools and maybe even find a nice Whataburger on the way!  Doesn't that sound lovely?

So, I guess this post isn't really about anything.  It's like my own mini-version of a Seinfeld episode.  But, then again, maybe that is what we need.  Absolutely nothing but to be still.

Yes, my pen and journal await.  Revelation 8 and 9, here I come.

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