Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Dossier

It came by email.  I don't know why, but I expected a packet in the mail...but there it was.  14 attachments staring at me...14 attachments that represent our next child (or children). 
14 attachments.

I thought the printer was going to explode!

Today we signed the dossier agreement and the family service plan.  I carefully folded them, put them in the envelope, and stuck the stamp in the corner. 
It was my last stamp. 
That envelope is kinda fat.  I'm thinking I may go to the Post Office tomorrow and put one more on there...just in case! 
Then I ordered new copies of our birth certificates and began the to-do list...order Marriage Certificate, apply for passports, etc. 

As if 4 kids, 2 dogs, and 11 fish weren't keeping me busy enough!  Then there is Christmas, and OH YEAH our trip to Disney World next week...I haven't even unpacked from our Thanksgiving vacation...and somewhere in there I just want to spend a day in my pj's drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies with my children...

And I will, while squeezing in hours online fulfilling Ethiopia and US requirements so we can bring home our child. 
Thus begins the task of parenting five. 
I will be so happy when he/she is safely home and sitting on the couch with us in pj's, drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. 
It will happen
Until then, Mama is going to have to be on my knees, in constant communication with our Savior, and focused on what is most important-this amazing call that God has placed on our family to reach out, take the risk, and wrap our hearts around "the least of these"...the precious orphaned children who wait. 
For they ARE waiting...for us. 
For you.

We are coming, sweet one.  We are coming.


  1. What an exciting time! How the branches on your family tree keep growing.

  2. How exciting! I am watching with amazement at what God is doing with you and through all your new adventures. May He bless it all beyond your wildest dreams!!


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