Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Care Package #2 and a Full Mommy Heart

One soft blankie that Mommy slept with for a few nights so you will know my smell.
A pink and brown polka-dotted outfit with sleeves because it can be chilly this time of year in Ethiopia.
4 pairs of Minnie Mouse panties.
2 pairs of socks.
One My Little Pony with a mini hairbrush.
One little Disney Princess case with Old Maid playing cards because ALL kids love playing cards even when they have no idea what to do with them.
A card with a couple of new pictures for you.

Oh sweet girl, how my heart is longing for you.  We received our first pictures of you just 3 days ago and I was amazed at how much your hair has grown!  It is a beautiful crown of soft curls, just like your big brother.  There was even a very short video of you, only 12 seconds long, that I have watched at least a hundred times.  You look so happy.  Your big brown eyes sparkle and your smile...oh that smile.

I wonder how much you understand.  I wonder if, when you look at the pictures in your album, you realize who we are.  You are only three, and your life has had so many twists and turns already that I can't imagine how confusing this all must be.

So I pray.

I pray you feel our love from across the ocean.  I pray the Lord prepares your heart for us...that He will knit our hearts together even now so, when I finally see you face to face, you know exactly who I am and that you realize fully and instantly that you belong with us.  We long to bring you forever home.

I love you fiercely, precious one.


  1. Precious! I can't wait for you to bring her home.

  2. These words are so precious. And I know your heart for adoption and for the children God has already entrusted to your care. So I k-n-o-w you are sincere when you say, "I love you fiercely." I can't wait for this dear one to experience what that feels like.


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