Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Veritable Love Fest, Y'all

There are days, and then there are DAYS.  I was told this by a dear internet bud recently as I began our homeschool journey.  And she was right...we are a month into it and there have been days and DAYS.   But today was one of those days.

Oh the pure sweetness, where do I start?

With the long hugs I got from my late risers this morning?
Or with the contented smile on their faces as they did their school work?
How about the enthusiasm with which they built their replica of the Nile River and flooded it to make the farmlands grow?
Or the moment when I looked up and saw my big kids giggling with their arms draped across each other's shoulders?
Maybe I should start with the fact that all four of them were utterly content to play requests for TV, laughter in abundance, and secrets shared between brothers and sisters.
I don't know...I just know that it was, indeed, a veritable love fest between all of my sweet babes today and this mama's heart is overflowing with joy.
These long days together, these hours at the kitchen table and in our back yard, are knitting hearts so closely, so sweetly together.  My children are becoming best friends once again.

AND they can actually tell Daddy what we learned today because they did not zone out or check out in the middle of History.

They got it, they liked it, and they learned it...all while giggling sweetly with their arms draped across each other's shoulders.


  1. So glad it is going well.

  2. beautiful:) I'm so excited to be starting homeschooling this year. My oldest is starting kindergarten!!

  3. flooding the nile sounds like a lot of fun. we have erupted mount vesuvius. don't we sound like God?

    off blog subject...noticed on your side column that you had more shots than your husband. that doesn't seem fair.

  4. just remember this on those DAYS! this is what i love about homeschool and i would love to convey to everyone who looks at is like we are nuts for doing it. blessings!


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