Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I am alive...and ticked.

Ok, so here's the deal.  I have written this post TWICE.

TWICE I have spent nearly an hour explaining to you that I have been undergoing an intense spiritual battle as we prepare to travel to Ethiopia to meet our daughter.

TWICE I have told you how I am terrified of flying across the ocean and Satan is tormenting me at night with awful, troublesome thoughts.

And TWICE I have written a beautifully eloquent post containing my heart thoughts and pleas for prayer.

TWICE the post has disappeared just as I was about to publish it.  And in the words of my 9 year old daughter, I believe "you-know-who" is responsible.

So I am simply asking you to pray for me, for my family, and for my sweet in-laws who will be manning the fort while we are gone.  Pray for my children who are NOT used to being away from us, and pray for Satan to BACK OFF because I am frankly SICK of his interfering in what should be a joyous, beautiful occasion!

Ok, that's it.  GO!


  1. Praying for you and your family.

  2. Will be praying for you. God is indeed stronger than our feelings and he longs to give you a spirit of power and peace.

  3. Man that makes me mad but, I will be praying even more. Charlie wants to punch "you-know-who" sooo bad. I told him to just Praise Jesus all the more and Pray and don't let him steal your Joy and you've done more good than harm!! :)


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