Saturday, September 18, 2010

When God's People Pray

Wow.  Remind me to ask you all for prayer sooner next time!

It is amazing how, once I let the cat outta the bag regarding my faintness of heart and fear of flying that the aforementioned faintness and fear FLEW!

Gotta love some good alliteration.

Anywho...after "you-know-who" tried to squelch me by messin' with my blog it seemed to push me into a whole new level of feistiness.

Cuz it's one thing to mess with my head...but when you mess with my blog?  Well it only made me mad.  Then it hit me...

I.  Am.  Pumped.

In 8 days I am flying to Africa, for crying out loud, and finally going to get my arms around my daughter!

Be still my heart.

And to top THAT off, if that is possible, I get to love on the little ones whose mommies and daddies are anxiously awaiting court dates.  Plus showering God's precious orphans who wait to be matched with the love of Jesus.  Good grief.  I need a hankie.

8 days, y'all.  EIGHT DAYS!

THANK YOU for praying and please don't stop.  Please pray for a SWEET week for my babies at home with my fearless In-Laws.  And pray for the peace to continue to flow through me as I pack like a crazy woman in between soccer, piano, laundry and homeschooling.

Somebody pass me another iced Mocha!  Make it a double!


  1. Congrats! Will you be blogging while you are gone?
    from -- come check us out!

  2. So delighted that God's peace has replenished you. Will contiue to pray. What excitement to hold your little girl.

  3. haha! take that, devil!!! you don't mess with our friend and get away with it, lol! i love hearing you are "pumped"! that has been my prayer...that your fear could turn to excitement! love it!

  4. This post makes me smile :)

    I CANNOT wait when you get back and for you to try to communicate all your emotions and what you guys saw into words...make sure to take a journal just in case you can't get online ... plus, there will be stuff you want to put in there for sister specifically...

    Hahaha ... by the way, my security word for this comment was 'packe' :)

  5. Thinking of you. CanNOT wait to see pictures of your new little one!!!


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