Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I don't want to forget all the ways sweet Mari butchers her new language.  "Mommy, eeee-yut some milk?"  (Can I have some milk?)  "Mommy, we go jumpaly?"  (Trampoline!)  One of the cutest is her version of "I can do it myself."  She says "Mari I got it!"

I also don't want to forget the look on sweet Gracie's face when she blew out birthday candles last week for the sixth time.

Six.  How is that possible?  My chub-a-licious baby girl has become this tall, lanky young lady who milks every ounce of joy out of every moment of every day.  And she can read.  Slow down, sweet girl.

I don't want to forget the sound of her squealing with delight when she got a BIBLE from mommy and daddy.  The next gift was an American Girl...but it did not hold any more joy in her heart than that purple Early Reader's Bible.

I want to remember the stacks of books by Katie's bed, read (more like inhaled) more quickly than I can believe, the look on her face when she was told she gets her braces off next month, the sound of her hamster running in his wheel and her sweet "awwww"  every time he burrows under his bedding.

Oh, did I forget to tell you about the hamster?  That is another story!

I want to remember DJ in his pajamas, forgetting for a moment that he is almost 11 and too cool to hug mom as he sleepily sits on my lap and lets me ruffle his hair.

I want to remember the feel of Drew, so heavy and big for his age, with his long arms and legs wrapped around me and his sweet face nuzzled against my neck.  He loves to be held and touched by mommy, and I love to smooch his sweet cheeks.  He is only 4, after all, even though he wears the clothes of a 6 year old!

So many times I think "I need to write that down" but it doesn't happen.  So many memories tucked in the back of my mind that fail me when I sit at the computer.  But they are there, triggered by the smallest things.  I truly believe one of the joys of Heaven will be perfect recall...I will be able to think and remember and enjoy all the little moments of life that pass by too quickly.  Time slips away, but I believe every moment with my children is a treasure in Heaven.

I am a wealthy, wealthy woman.


  1. love it!!! precious memories...all these little moments that make up our days truly are the BIG things in life...treasures! oh, and believe me, we already know the hamster story, haha:)!!

  2. we have lots of hamsters stories yours keep escaping????

  3. That you are, and so am I. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. mary treasured things in her heart about Jesus' are doing likewise.

  5. Thank you for reminding me what matters most. So glad you found my new "home" on the net as well. And I was thinking about you and I the other day; how we couldn't believe our babies were turning ONE. And now they're FOUR! Really??? Perfect recall in Heaven. Thank you for that. I'm counting on it.


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