Sunday, May 1, 2011

A good start...and a lot of randomness.

Sunday...the first day of the week.  Often it sets the tone for my week, good OR bad.
Church?  Oh, it's always good.  Well, almost.  (I won't mention the service where the man next to me had apparently been smoking...a lot...and drinking coffee...strong coffee...and tried to cover it up with cologne.)

Back to my point.  Church was amazing.  We were filled up from the moment the service began and left knowing we had been in the presence of God.  What a precious family we have been blessed to become part of.
DJ had a basketball game afterward and, even though they did not win, we had fun.  Then we had pizza, came home to play on the trampoline and tinker in the garden, I shot some hoops with Drew who laughed hysterically the whole time (What?  Do I look funny when I try to make a free throw?) and then had leftover pasta for dinner.

Ok, so the leftover pasta normally would garner "ughs" and "do we have to's" but tonight, for whatever reason it was delish.  Oh, and I steamed some broccoli, just to have something new and fresh.

And Mari, who has refused to even TRY broccoli since she came home nearly 6 months ago, ate every bite.
Of broccoli.
She liked fact, she loved it!
A new veggie is officially in the repertoire of this child who requests pizza for every.single.meal.
Can I get a witness???

The day ended on a sweet note:
My girls, all three of them are having a "sister sleepover" in Gracie and Mari's room.  (Katie is on the floor in between the twin beds)
My boys were looking at comic books together as they settled into bed. (because Drew hasn't slept in his own room in months...the boys love being together in DJ's room with the trundle bed)
My kiddos love each other and have shown it today.  My home is peaceful tonight.  Jesus is King.  We are blessed.

And I am thankful. 


  1. What a sweet ending to a good day! May the rest of your week be just as sweet! ;)

  2. love the silly, sweet accounts of your kids. i think mickey mouse must be aware of gas prices to be carpooling with your friend. and drew's romance reminds me of my e who has a crush on justin bieber...what's that about?...I din't even know who he was.


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