Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh, my heart.

Little Sister has developed a habit of asking "Why?" after EVERY.  SINGLE.  SENTENCE. that I speak.

It was cute at first.  Then the questions became either nonsense (Mommy, is that blue?  WHY is that blue?  Mommy, can I eat?  WHY can I eat?) or obviously probing for a compliment.  (Mommy, am I smart?  WHY I SMART?)

So I started turning them around on her.  Usually she just looks at me like "Ok, you busted me.  I was just trying to see if you'd answer a silly question."  But today it was different.

Mari:  Can I sit in you lap, Mommy?
Me:  Sure!
Mari:  WHY I sit in you lap?
Me:  Why are you sitting in my lap?
Mari:  Because I love you.

And that, my internet friends, reduced me to a puddle of mommy-gooshiness.


  1. And why would it not?? Precious!

  2. hearing those 3 little words can't be topped.


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