Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baptismal Waters

When a child is born, our hearts look ahead.

We wonder...

what will it be like when?

When they learn to walk, talk, read...

When they ask Jesus into their heart, fall in love, get married...

When they are baptized.

Today I watched as my daughter, Gracie, submitted to the Lord.

I watched, alongside her brothers and sisters, as she gazed into her earthly father's he spoke words of eternal weight over her and through his own tears lowered his daughter into the waters of baptism.

I saw my daughter radiate the joy of the Lord as she arose and walked carefully up the steps to me.  Her face glistened with the water cascading down as she emerged.  Katie handed me a white towel, face filled with wonder at the intensity in the face of her younger sister.
I lovingly dried the water from Gracie's face as I kissed her still-wet nose and whispered "I am so proud of you."

I marveled as Drew, overcome with the emotion-charged moment, laid his head on my shoulder and wept.

I heard the church service continuing below, but I know in my spirit there was worship in the splendor of Heaven as my precious little girl chose to identify with her Savior, unashamed to be His child...a child of the King.

I watched her walk, head held high and proud, into her circle of friends...stopping for hugs from our sweet church family and shouts of "Praise God!" along the way.

And I praise Him that her days are in His hands.  He has gifted her with faith at such a young age, with a love for her Jesus that is unexplainable apart from His work, and I watch in awe as He works out His plan for her life.  She will be used, that I know, because she is willing.

Thank you, Jesus.

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