Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 days of thankful...Day 1

So my bloggy friends have started a November thing...and being the "I'm not gonna jump on a bandwagon" type I hesitated because I always...ALWAYS...want to be sincere.  But then I realized if I can't be sincere about this, I have a problem.
So here I am, jumping on the blogging more than once a month  going to be creative with these posts if it kills me  thankfulness bandwagon with gusto!

Where do I even start?  Do you KNOW how much I have to be thankful for?

You don't?

Well let me tell you...at least, the first one.  I DO want you to come back so I will have to leave some of the goodies for later.

I hope it is quite obvious.
I am thankful for my Jesus.
The Son of God.
The Living Water.
The perfect atonement for my sins...because, boy, there are many.
I am thankful that He love me perfectly and completely even when I am at my most unlovable, that I can crawl back up into His lap and know He rejoices in my return...and once again washes me white as snow.
I am thankful that Jesus loves my family more than I could ever dream, that when I worry and pray and worry (Did I say that already?  Silly me.) that HE has them covered.  That He has promised beauty from ashes, grace and mercy unending, that the hard days are part of the journey and that they WILL pay off in rejoicing...in wonder at how He has woven this tapestry of our lives into a beautiful work of art.  That iron sharpens iron and the refining of our hearts will result in His reflection being perfectly seen in us.  That words of promise have been spoken that we can and must hold onto when the waves are rough and the storm rages around us.
Yes, I am thankful for this Jesus who calms the storm.  Who gives peace and reassurance.  This Jesus who changed my life so completely that I can hardly remember life before Him.  This Jesus who purified my heart and left me with a complete distaste for what was once temptation.  He showed me how to catch a vision for my family, how to live differently, how to not follow the norm but follow Him.  He works in ME to will and to act according to His purpose and it blows me away.
Nothing I do can be accredited to me.  Parenting my children, the decision to homeschool, the path our family-building has taken.  Nothing.  It is ALL Him.  And I love Him so much.

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