Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And so I begin...

I have had these thoughts, strong and determined, swirling around in my head for months.  I see what is happening in the Church, especially among the women of the Church who, in a sincere attempt to model make a difference...are being sucked into false teaching.

It is so subtle.

It is so dangerous.

I have no qualifications, per se, to be trying to teach.  I have no college degree or training of any kind from which I draw.

I only have years of living day by day, hearing and reading and trying to apply God's word to my life and feeding my voracious book habit  which gradually became a habit demanding more, demanding I go deeper and seek reality and Truth.

I want to walk in Truth, and I want to do my best to help my sisters in Christ walk in Truth.

So I begin, a bit afraid and with the realization that this is a huge task.

Again, you may not think I am qualified to do this, but I believe He has called me and so I lay myself down at the foot of the Cross and cry out “Less of me, more of You.”

I began writing this on January 1, 2012.  I will divide the posts into bite-sized pieces so as not to overwhelm you with too much reading.  I nervously share this, praying that it challenges us all to a closer walk with Jesus.  May we examine our hearts closely and seek Him first, allowing the works He has planned for us to flow naturally out of a solid relationship with our Lord.

The first installment will begin tomorrow.  Gulp.

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