Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time flies when you are jumping in leaf piles.

This afternoon I ventured outdoors in the 49 degree weather (yesterday was 80...go figure) with my camera in an attempt to capture the leafy quilt that is my front yard.

It is so beautiful.

Reds, greens, and golds lie haphazardly and the messiness of autumn just thrills my heart.

I snapped away, capturing acorns and dew drops, and listened to the crunch of leaves under my feet.

I love how the curved path in front of the flowerbed is hidden.

The roses, pruned hard after a productive summer, fight to produce a few more bright red shoots...and even a couple of pink blooms, before our first freeze.

Pansies sit proud above the earth, defiant as the temperatures drop, smiling at the cold that is to come.

I capture the images and plan how I will share them here and then I gasp and grin!

I have not posted all week!

Where has the time gone?

Oh yes, I remember.

I have done a lot of laundry this week!.

But...I will finish sharing "The Book" with you on Monday. (It will post at 7am.)  I hope you have been able to see my heart, and I pray you see His heart for you in the words I have written.  

And the pictures I took today?  Maybe I'll get around to sharing them tomorrow.  :)

Have a blessed and joyous Sunday, my friends!  He is near!

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