Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Days

Green leaves float joyously on branches above as the breeze carries laughter into the kitchen.  We are having breakfast for dinner.  Pancakes sizzle and bacon crisps while friends meet up for an impromptu play session.  The teenager, he dances to the new music on his I-pod and I laugh out loud at the abandon.  I squeeze him tight around those bony, broadening shoulders and sneak in an "I love you" before he darts outdoors.  Little boys scream adventure from the fort and little girls walk side-by-side as the sunlight dims.  Conversations are quiet but animated and I sigh, happy, at this contentment filling my home.

They trickle in, one-by-one, as their stomachs respond to the smells and soon the plates are empty and dishes clatter into the sink.  It is quiet.

The quiet won't last long, so I make a cup of coffee and sit down with my Bible and thank God for these kids, this life, this joy that sustains me when days are not so easy and hearts are not so content.  
I thank God for these happy days of Spring.

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