Monday, April 8, 2013

So much to say...

So little time.

It is crazy how my days are flying by. Getting to a point of stillness, a point where I can sit and focus and write about all that is occurring in life is difficult. By the time I realize I have stopped moving, the stillness has lulled me to sleep with my Kindle falling out of my hand mid-sentence.

But I just need to catch you up and show you what God is doing here at the homestead!

First of all, DJ is thirteen. I have a teenager! (I just freaked out when I typed that.) I was a bit verklempt on his big day but managed to speak through the lump in my throat and (mostly) hide the tumult of emotion that came in waves. He enjoyed his day thoroughly. I just kept trying to figure out when I blinked because my firstborn is now on the verge of manhood, crackling voice and twisted sense of humor being the most obvious signs.
But this morning he let me cuddle him during Bible study. I'll take that any day. How I love that boy, smelly feet and all.

Katie is exploring sports possibilities for next year. She is toying with basketball. Girlfriend is a clean slate, which means coach Andy was thrilled to come show her the basics. He says she can be great if she is willing to work at it. I pray her heart receives that. She is blossoming and becoming a dependable young helper with her siblings, and she is funny.
Truly...her comic timing and use of a well-placed nickname is uncanny. Her name for Mari is Munchkin, which morphs to munch-a-kin, munch, and munchie. She throws these names about freely and we all just crack up. She is so quick and clever. She is also my sweet companion, free with compliments and sincere with her affection. She is honest and wears her heart on her sleeve, which can be risky. But I praise God for her chatter and even the drama because she is an open book. She is so much like me in that way. I love the long talks that we share in these tumultuous tween years.

Gracie is G-free.
After years of tummy issues and months of complaining about stomach pain, we took her off of wheat. Goodbye gluten, hello health. She is for the first time since she was three years old, no longer waking up during the night, and no longer complaining of tummy and headaches. I have had quite the learning curve when it comes to cooking, shopping, and eating out. But I have also lost five pounds as a result of joining her in the diet change.
We have discovered gluten free versions of most of her favorites, and though she sometimes gets bummed about not eating bread, she feels so much better that she will not cheat...not even one bite. And since I am eating clean with her, it makes her feel special that we share those lettuce wrapped burgers and gluten free cereal. Being the middle child makes you grab any kind of special status you can get!

Mari is beginning OT soon. I felt like her finger strength was lacking...could see in her grip that her muscles were not working properly. After a 90 minute evaluation, the therapist concluded that she appears to have sensory issues as well.
I wanted to hug her neck for picking up on it without my having to tell her.
I have suspected it for months, but had no idea how to describe why. It was like a lightbulb went on and I can now see her behaviors in a proper light. I never dreamed I would be relieved to be told that we are looking at quite a few therapy sessions ahead, but this gives me hope for my girl and knowledge as to what is triggering her. That is an answered prayer. There is a cause, and there is help. The healing process of my daughter continues.

And Drew. Sweet Drew with his giant heart of compassion. He is understanding the hurts of others with a depth beyond his years, praying for the orphans, the poor, and the sick. He joined me last week as I served with a ministry to the homeless here in our town. He watched a mother scream in frustration at her child. He shook the hand of an old man who proudly showed Drew his two remaining teeth. He stood as I prayed and wept with a woman who was grasping for hope, and he hugged a filthy man with broken knuckles who had asked for prayer.
He is now begging us to take him to Africa, because "those are some sweet kids."

The Lord, The Lord. The Lord our God is living and active and I SEE Him moving in the lives of my children. He is changing and shaping our lives, aligning us with His will and I am overcome.

Yes, Lord. Have your way with us.

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