Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Bit of Random.

And suddenly it is full-on Autumn.  Cold has crept into the mornings and jackets come off midday.  The trees have begun to show off and that warm spot in my bed is awfully hard to leave in early morning.
Fall is my favorite.
In the midst of this autumn happiness, though, I have planned a trip to the beach!  Off-season, half-price, and a needed break before we hit the last month of homeschooling and close out the semester in time to really, truly relish the Christmas season.
I can't believe I just typed the word Christmas in the same paragraph as beach.  :)
Our countdown is on.  7 days til our toes are in the sand.  Katie needs a swimsuit.  I have to be sure everyone still has flip-flops that fit.  Sunscreen.


Oh yes, you knew that was coming.

A drive through the deep South in the glorious peak of Autumn, punctuated by a stop at the Whataburger in Birmingham (Because there IS no such thing in these parts.  Sadness!) in which I indulge in all things Taquito, 4 days of beach laziness (for the kids...because we all know mamas really don't "rest" on vacation) and even a sweet reunion with Mari's best friend from Ethiopia who will come with his family to join us on Friday.  Yes, there is much to look forward to this week.  Much incentive to stay focused and get things done so we can GO!

Oh, and in the midst of all these busy preparations we found a puppy.  A puppy! 


She was wandering around behind a restaurant and the kids were all "MOM!"  and I was all "Puppy?  What puppy?"

Yeah.  Trouble.

One thing led to another and we brought her home.  She is a black lab mix, very sweet, and loves the zoo that is my house.  BUT we can't keep her.  I do not have the time it would require to train her in this season of life.  I have a couple of people interested in her so hopefully she will have a home in the next day or so.  Because, remember,  we are going to the beach!  Next week!  And my girls have already named her.  You know what that means.

When "Lily" goes to her new home there will be some sad little girls.  I warned Grace to "not get attached, we are just babysitting her" and her response was...
"Oh, I know, Mom.  It takes me a long time to get attached to something."

Mmm Hmmm, like five minutes.  Add in the fact that she has written up a contract for potential puppy parents to sign, promising to take care of the pup and I am afraid we are in for a painful separation.


The beach will be great medicine.  :)

At which point I end this rambling, random post.

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