Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beach Bumming...Day 2

I could live here.  Really.  I'm generally a hills and tall trees kind of girl, but two days into this beach vacation and I am thinking I could get used to the big skies and brightly painted sunsets of Florida.

I mean, look at this y'all...

We have had such a wonderful time so far.  Today was 80 degrees and sunny.  The kids played for hours in the sand and along the water's edge, at least until a boy down the beach walked up to show us the HUGE jelly fish he had just caught.

Mm hm, that kind of put a damper on the fun.  Suddenly our eyes were hyper aware and we realized there were little balls of clear, shiny goo dotting the sand.  Darn.  So out of the water they came but they still had a lot of fun playing in the sand, then the pool, then the hot tub.  We feasted on sandwiches and chicken nuggets for lunch, played in the sand, then the pool again, and then gorged on frozen pizza for dinner.  Time is moving wonderfully slow and I am loving the fact that I can look out on the balcony and catch one of my kids just staring, enraptured by the beauty of the ocean and sky.  

Tomorrow Daddy will arrive to join the fun.  These kiddos are very excited that he is coming!  Not that I'm chopped liver or anything...
ok, well maybe I am.  
But that is fine.  I love that they love him so much.  And with him here, maybe I will get a chance to start the book that I brought along.  Believe me, not a whole lot of reading can happen with five kids in the water! 
I'm either yelling, "You are too far, come back this direction!" or they are yelling, "Mom, look at me!" every five minutes. 

Another adult with watchful eyes will be a very good thing.  And holding my hubby's hand while the sun sets and the skies declare God's glory once again will be even better.  

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