Friday, May 16, 2014

Hollie and the Hand of God (Part 1)

She had begged for a puppy for three years, researching, printing out pictures, even doing a posterboard presentation of small breed dogs and their pros and cons wo we would know which breed is the right fit for our family. (It was a tie between Yorkie, Shihtzu, and Pomeranian...go figure!)

But we had 5 kids.

And 2 dogs.

And, y’all, my floors are never...ever...clean.

So we blew it off and said when the old dog (who is 10 and slowing down) went to doggie heaven we might consider the possibility.

But she didn’t let up.

Finally her Daddy saw the needs of her heart. It was almost Christmas and we were deciding what to give her for her “big gift.”

“I think she needs a dog, she needs something of her own to love.” In shock at his sudden softening I scrolled through Craig's List and found a litter of six tiny black furballs. They were a mix of Yorkie, Shihtzu, and Pomeranian. (Seriously?) I called the owner and made arrangements to drive up to the city and take a look at them while daughter was at church playing ultimate frisbee with her friends.

6 puppies, five boys and one itty bitty girl. The three younger kids were with me and there was no way we were leaving without one! They were all “oohs” and “ahhs” and “Mom, they are so CUTE!”
Of course we took the female home. My daughter would love dressing her up and putting bows in her hair, no doubt. It was an hour’s drive back to our town and all the way I prayed. “Let this puppy be a blessing, Lord. Let her be peaceful and a joy to us. Please let this work out.”

Because, to be honest, we have had puppy fails in the past. Much BIGGER puppies, but still...I was a bit nervous. This little thing weighed just over a pound. I’m telling you, she was TINY. But the trainer of our German Shepherd had taught me a lot and I felt like I was more confident than when we had tried this in the past.

I called my hubby and told him to send my daughter to the front door when I arrived. I placed the teeny tiny shivering pup in her new pink bed, laid it front of the door, and stepped away with my video camera rolling.

The door opened and there was the space of about 2 heartbeats when my daughter registered what she was seeing and of all the screaming and jumping and careful picking up of her new treasure to hold her up and take it all in!

“What’s her name?” she asked through that huge grin. 
“I don’t have to name her,” I said.  She breathed in what I said and responded with a voice brimming with disbelief.
My heart melted. “Yes, she is yours!”

She lifted her up like Simba from the Lion King and brought her down to cradle her against her chest. It was surreal. It was a precious moment of motherhood that I will never, ever forget.

It was the day Hollie became part of our zoo...and it almost ended before it really had a chance to begin.
To be continued... 

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