Monday, April 5, 2010

Praises are Ringing

First of all, thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement as we seek God in our adoption journey.  As of now we are waiting for our homestudy to be written and the next step is to send in the I-600 form and await our fingerprinting appointment.  Our agency has mentioned the possibility of allowing escorts to bring the children home since parents are being required to go to Ethiopia for the court hearing.  If they do, we will most likely take advantage of that in order to make the transition easier for ALL of our children.  For someone to accompany them who speaks their language and can explain what is happening, and for us all to be able to arrive at the airport together, to take them into our arms and drive them home and love on them, just sounds like a win-win situation.  Of course, God sees the beginning and the end all at the same time, so we will be obedient to whatever He asks us to do. I must share the sweetest of moments that occurred just this morning with my precious Gracie (age 5).  In all my planning of the "perfect" Easter, we never did get to the Resurrection Eggs which my little ones LOVE to do.  I didn't want to rush just to "get them done" so I held off 'til this morning.  The big kids were at school so I took them out to the front porch and sat with them in the porch swing. 
 Gracie and Drew took turns opening the eggs...exclaiming with delight at every little treasure:  the donkey, the silver coins, the white linen, the cross and the empty egg at the very end.  We talked about Jesus and Gracie said, "Mommy, sometimes at night when it is past my bedtime I pray. 
And I ask God why Jesus had to die."

My heart melted as I realize the depth of her baby faith.  I explained to her the dirtiness of God is so Holy and perfect that He cannot be around sin.  I told her that our sin keeps us far away from Him, but Jesus' blood washed all of our sins away so that we can be close to God and live with Him forever.  I told her that when she is ready she can give her life to Jesus and ask Him into her heart. 

Time stood still for a moment.  Then it passed.  I assumed the conversation was over as she started to climb out of my lap then she settled back down and turned to look at me face-to-face.  The she said...
"Mommy, can we have a special time together just to pray?"
"Sure, baby,"  I said.   "You can pray and tell God whatever you want.  Go ahead."

Then she bowed her head, pressed the palms of her hands together, and closed her eyes.  My face was buried in her hair and I could smell the sweet conditioner mixed with the musty smell of a child who had spent an hour on the trampoline.  I held my breath as she began...
"God, every night when I go to bed I get scared but I know you are with me.  So will you please come into my heart right now?  Amen."

I looked at her shining face and kissed the tip of her nose.  Then she hopped off my lap and asked, "Can I have a snack?" then skipped into the the angels rejoiced.

My is singing.


  1. So very awesome! Another heart for eternity.

  2. My heart is singing with yours...happy happy day! God has given your baby girl a very special sweet, loving and joyful spirit...I cannot wait to witness what He has planned for her! Precious post, sweet friend! Thank you, God!!

  3. Now that is precious! And so exciting!! Oh how I long to have the simple faith of our children. I cannot believe she is already 5!!!


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