Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well I spoke too soon.  We received another email today...Ethiopia is back to a two trip country.  Good grief.  We have finished the homestudy and are waiting for it to be approved, then I guess we have to really hear from God so we know whether or not to move forward.  My heart longs to fly across the ocean and wrap my arms around little ones who need a mommy and daddy and bring them home.  We just need the Lord to be clear so we can proceed without hesitation or second-guessing.  I know HE sees the beginning and the end at the same time...He has already chosen our children and will prepare the hearts of all my children to love each other and adjust to the many changes that will come.  We just have to be sure we are on the path that leads to our children and not a dead-end.  I have heard rumors that the Ethiopian program could shut down.  If so, then I know God is already on top of it and will direct us where we should go. 
So we walk out each step, day by day.  We watch and pray and trust His leading.  Waiting is hard, especially when you are this far into the process and feel that you have been placed on a rollercoaster. 

Please pray for us, for the Lord to speak, and for the attacks on adoptions all over the world to STOP.


  1. I tried to post yesterday but couldn't get it to go through. I can imagine this must be frustrating, and yet as you stated, we know that God is in every detail. He will definitely lead you on this latest journey according to His will. I'm aware of the changes because, as you know, our friends (Sniz' sister and her dh) are also going through this. It looks like they'll be able to continue their adoption plan in Ethiopia because they're under the May 9th deadline (they already have a referral and a court date this coming week.) Allie, know that I remember your adoption plan in prayer as well. And I will rejoice with you in the answer God provides. Hang on.


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