Monday, April 19, 2010


So there are seasons we all go through where you feel a little "dry" spiritually.  I have even felt like I am treading water and BARELY staying afloat more often than not over the past several months.  I have prayed, I have been willing to whatever God asks, and I have waited for Him to move.  We continue to walk forward in the adoption process, though stll not sure what the outcome will be.  I continue to juggle the daily joys and responsibilities of mommyhood, but have felt this burden, this pressure that I really could not explain.

Until now.

The Lord is moving, showing me He is near.  He is working in my family in ways that take my breath away and, between moments of sheer panic at where He is leading us, I feel more calm that I have in a long time. 

I will share the details soon, but I just ask that you pray for me as I depend on God for "the details" and take a huge leap of faith.  I will never get used to the Creator of the universe taking notice of little old me...NEVER!

And NO I am NOT pregnant!


  1. So well can relate to the dry season and the barely neat you are seeing the Lord working. Can't wait to hear more. Love you.


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