Monday, October 25, 2010

3 weeks waiting.

It has been three weeks since I held my youngest daughter.  Three weeks since I nuzzled her and promised I would bring her home.  Every day that passes creates an ache in my heart.  I want her to come home and see the brilliant gold leaves that are raining down in my back yard.  I want her to feel the cool Autumn breeze on her face and marvel at the birds visiting our feeders.  I want her to sit in my lap and color while we do school.  I want to hear her precious African accent drifting through my kitchen as I make her lunch.  I miss her.

Lord, please let that call come this week.  I know you already have her homecoming day set, but this longing in my heart is almost painful.  That Nov. 10 appointment would be so, so good.


  1. I am praying so hard on your behalf!!!

  2. Will pray that you are rejoined soon.


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