Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthday Sweets

She decided that she wanted something different this year.

Not a party, per se.  But an outing.

"Let's go the the mall and shop and have frozen yogurt instead of birthday cake."

My brain whirled and whizzed as I realized the grown-up-ness of it all.

4 friends and a shopping date.  What happened to tea parties and Chuck E. Cheese?  What happened to bows in her hair and lacy dresses and princess cakes?

She is 11.


A month at camp grew her and she is growing still.  Growing fast and sweet and so much fun to be around.

I don't worry about her teen years so much.  She is an open book, talking incessantly and ever-present at my side.  She is wisely cautious...usually...and sees the world in black and white, right and wrong.  She is a terrible liar and for that I am very thankful.

Sass?  Oh yes, it is there.  We work on that...that tone.  But she relents and apologizes and really means it again.

Oh, how I love her.

So we will celebrate and I will marvel that those are the same big brown eyes I gazed into when surrounded by baby chub.  I will watch her try on those clothes with her giggling friends and remember buttoning her onesie after a diaper change. She will hold my hand still as we cross a parking lot and I will remember holding her on my chest and watching her grin with milk dribbling down her chin.  She will ask for a soda and I will remember keeping her upright for 30 minutes after every bottle hoping that she would keep that formula down.

She didn't.

We will eat frozen yogurt with candies galore and I will remember her first birthday cake, the one I made with purple flowers on top and basketweave on the sides and I was so proud of myself.  I love these days with her and, as much as I sometimes miss those sweet, simple baby years, I wouldn't trade the memories we make today for the world.  Climbing in bed with her tonight and reminding her that she is loved forever no matter what and that we are so very proud of her, tickling her 11 times as she screamed and laughed and kissing her cheek as I said good night...these are sweet days as well.

So happy birthday to my sweet, precious girl.  You are delight to us, and the apple of His eye.  You are loved beyond measure and His plans for you are surely wonderful, for He has gifted you so.  May your prayers spoken today be answered and this year be the best year ever, just as you requested!

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