Saturday, July 21, 2012


Must catch up.

Must write.

Must find time.

Maybe tomorrow.

Awesome things are happening.

So much to share.

But sleep beckons and my house is full of mi familia (pardon my espanol)...6 adults, 7 kids, 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and a hermit crab.

Oh...and 9 fish.

There is this concert, the brainchild of my amazing hubby, that will raise thousands of dollars for a Ugandan school that saves the lives of hundreds of sweet angels.  It is being held in a local coffee shop.

It is tomorrow.

I have made the list of ticket sales...three times.

I will get to meet my most favoritest singer and songwriter of all time.


And I pray I won't be weird because I really want to be normal and just tell him how much his music blesses me and my family and maybe even chit-chat without dissolving into the BUC* (can I get a witness???) and melting into a puddle of tears.

I will hopefully get back into the writing habit soon.  So many stories beg to be told, but the time has just flown this summer and I really want to be careful.  Sleep is so important in these active days and staying up till all hours to write, as tempting as it may be, really is not smart.  I am already a coffee addict...don't want to push it to espresso!

So tomorrow will be the culmination of our summer plans..blessing orphans, worshiping God, and good coffee all at the same time may throw me over the edge of happy delirium!

*BUC-Big Ugly Cry.  The cry that results in red swollen face, puffy eyelids, and snot and tears mingled mercilessly.  The cry that robs one of credibility when one attempts to sound, you know, normal and the voice comes out in a hoarse, choking squawk.  

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