Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Anyone out there?

I guess I can only blame the lack of writing on extreme busyness and maybe just a bit of brain fry.

It has been HOT here.  So hot.  Oppressively hot.  We have spent days at the pool, the lake, and any place else we can find to get relief.  The a/c has been working overtime and I really can't believe there haven't been brown outs or something in these parts.

It has been hot.

The kids are suffering from lack-of-structure-itis and today I actually used the words "duct tape" in the same sentence as "their mouths" to my hubby.

No I would never, but this mama's patience level plummeted and methinks we need a vacation from summer vacation.

I have been on an organizing/purging binge the last few days and I'm sure it is directly related to the hours spent looking for those goggles or that bottle of insect repellent that I was sure was in that cabinet...you know, behind the rock tumbling supplies (forgot we had those!) and the 8 rolls of film (yes, FILM!) that never got developed and I've been saying for four years that I must find out what is on them and yet there they sit behind the spray can of leather conditioner for my hubby's old baseball glove.


I compose blog posts in my head while driving and then forget them when I get home because I, too, am suffering from lack-of-structure-itis and it is wearing me plum out.

I just want to ditch the laundry and the closet cleaning and hole up in front of the TV with a good movie and my babes piled up in blankets and popcorn passed all around.  I can struggle with extremes in seasons like this and finding that middle...where the house is acceptable because what you can't see won't hurt you and we are vegging out this afternoon even if the disposal stinks and if the floor doesn't get swept before the friends arrive it is OK because they all have their shoes on, anyway...is a battle.

Finding that healthy middle is always a battle.

But He is good.  He reigns me in when I am tempted to wig out (shameless 80's reference there) and He is so patient.  He gently reminds me that it's all for Him, anyway, and if He tells me to be still when the sink is full it is because being still is more important to Him in that moment and I need to just do it.

Just do it.

Let Him fill me, let Him illuminate that next path and pour into me all that He wants me to pass on to my children.  Because without Him filling my cup to overflowing I have absolutely nothing of worth to offer them.

Just do it.

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