Monday, August 12, 2013

Character...the good kind.

There are "characters" and then there is character.  I've been thinking a lot about the latter lately.  I think about it when I am buying a Diet Coke at Sonic.  I think about it at the grocery store when I am paying the checker.  I think about it at restaurants when we interact with waiters and waitresses.

Character is lacking.  The reason I know this is because when I encounter someone of good character they stand out like a bright star against the night sky.  Common courtesies such as please, thank you, eye contact and a genuine smile are becoming more and more rare and it makes me sad.

I am still in the trenches of raising kids, so I do not want to appear like I have it all figured out.  There are, though, some things that have worked well over the years and I know there are many new mamas out there searching for wisdom.  I may not have a lot, but what I do have I will be happy to share.

So the next several posts will be regarding specific character traits that we, as Christian parents, seek to foster in our children.  I will share my experiences with you and I would love it if, in return, you share yours with me!

Because, like I said, I am still in the trenches of this mothering gig.  It is tough and I am realizing that it only gets more complicated as the kids grow and their circles of influence expand.  I have a thirteen year old, for crying out loud.  In less than three years he will be able to get his first job!  What will an employer see in him?  What do we want employers, friends, future spouses, to see in our children?  What character traits are necessary for our kids to live full, productive, god-honoring lives?  

I need advice, people!

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