Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet Stickiness

My middle child, she is the free spirit.  She is the artist, the bleeding heart, the one who feels every emotion to the extreme.  She is 90% easygoing and 10% raging fury.  She is the perfect, textbook middle child.

Two and a half years have passed since she gained this younger sister.  This sister who cried in the night and tested every boundary, who was an enigma and sometimes hard to get along with.  This sister who shared her bedroom and finally learned to share her toys.

These two are a sweet example of the miracle God works in our hearts through adoption, these girls who began as strangers and have now forged a sweet relationship of trust.  Gracie can be a mother hen but Mari loves it.  Mari can be demanding
but Gracie indulges her sweetly.  This dichotomy of dependence and friendship, this sisterhood, has developed over the months and years and it is a strong bond my girls have formed.

They came downstairs in robes the other day.  Giggling and huddled close in secrecy, their imaginations burning with joy and fun and more than a little mischief.  The younger followed the older and there they stood, arms linked and white smiles glowing against summer-brown faces and Gracie called for my attention, calling my gaze away from the dirty dishes in my hand and onto their grinning faces.

"Mom, you know how sometimes you stick Legos together and then you can't get them apart?  That's me and her."
And with that pregnant declaration they skipped away and my breath caught in my throat as I marveled at what my eight year old had just said.

You can't get them apart.  This bond of sisterhood has forged strong and it is now who they are, who they want to be, who they will always be by the grace of God.  It is a miracle made possible by our Father, who adopted us into His family and allows us to mirror His work in this family, in these children.  By knitting our hearts together in love, we glimpse how we...His chosen people...are called to live with one another:

Stuck together, brick by brick building His Kingdom, unable to be pried apart.

May it be so...on Earth as it is in Heaven!

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