Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn's Arrival

"Mama, I can't wait for Fall!" exclaims my little boy as he runs joyously through the side gate.  I look at his smiling face and my heart leaps.

"You don't have to wait another minute," I whisper.  "It is coming right now, this very second."

The wind blows and the trees dance in anticipation as the temperature slowly drops.  Leaves tinged with the first hint of gold rustle and sing of her coming.  This, my favorite of all the seasons.  This season of slowing down and sitting a while longer because the heat no longer drives us indoors.  This season of hot chocolate, hot soup, and cinnamon-spiced tea is arriving...right now.

This very second.

Voices leap, carried by the breeze as my children happily rake leaves and make their first leaf-pile.  Laughter and squeals are balm to  my soul and I pause here to thank the Creator of the seasons, the Giver of the harvest.

I could not be happier in this sacred moment.  I breathe deep the woods-scented air and sigh.  This is His gift to me, right now.  This reminder that He is constant, ever-present, and always...always...creating.  Once again Jesus bends low and whispers..."I make all things new."

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