Monday, September 9, 2013


I had run errands all morning, trekking out to Lowe's and purchasing plants to fill the bare spaces in my garden since Autumn is making it's blessed appearance here in God's country.  Coral Belles, Autumn Fern, and Ivy will replace the things that just didn't take...refused to grow or flat-out died.

Anticipating an afternoon of dirty fingernails and an aching back tomorrow, I walked into the family room.
I didn't notice him at first.
Suddenly he was right in front of me, so close that I almost stumbled over him.   My eyes quickly took in the bright blue soccer socks, black shorts, and blue shirt.  His face was alight, a bright white smile shining against his summer-ebony face.  His eyes gleamed with anticipation of his game...which starts in two hours.  My heart melted.

"Hello my soccer star!" I smiled big at him, enjoying the interruption of my thoughts.  He grinned ear-to-ear and leaned into me for a long hug.  Oh, those cheeks.  Why can't you stay little, my sweet boy?

These moments are so precious.  In days when things are hectic and verging on chaotic, these unexpected moments that force me to stop and feel, for a moment, the excitement of a child who has been dressed for the game for hours, to realize he is already hearing the cheers that await and imagining the moment when he kicks that ball just right, landing it perfectly in the goal...these are the things that are important and that I will cherish when my children are grown.

Now he sits next to me on the front porch, rocking as I type.  His brown hand rests on the arm of my rocker and his shoelaces need to be tied.  Oh, those cheeks.  They are begging to be smooched...right after I tie those shoelaces.

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