Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow it down

I am nearing the one thousandth gift in my gratitude journal.  Each day my heart blooms a little more.  On the days I don't count, I sink.  I lose focus.  I complain.  I pout.  But when I count the gifts from His hand, my heart is watered and the blossoms push up into the light.

Busyness drains me, makes me feel like I am being pressed from all sides.  It makes me impatient and grouchy. I must stop and let Him fill me.  I must be still and know...and know that He is God.  He is good.  He has it all under control and I can let Him handle it...because I cannot handle it even if I try.

All the activities that add such fun to our weekends had worn me out.  I mean, worn me plum out.   T-ball, 5 basketball games, and a house neglected were weighing.  By Sunday afternoon, I was a ball of selfish wanting...intimidated by the piles of laundry, the dirty floors, the clutter, the papers that needed to be graded and filed away, and the demands of just maintaining the household without it all just falling completely apart.

Then word came...the afternoon ballgame was cancelled.  I immediately knew it was for me.  God knew my heart. He knew I had hit the wall and needed quiet recharging.  I have never been so happy to fold laundry.  Music played in the background, 5 year olds napped, and the older children played with friends.  I had two hours to catch up.  And I did.  I took a deep breath and I thanked Him.

I entered today, Monday, renewed.  We had a good school day.  Hearts were happy, giggles escaped despite attempts at all seriousness, and all the work was completed.  Ballet lessons, orthodontist appointments, and basketball practice did not wear me down because I was renewed.

In the quiet of time with Him, my focus sharpens and I truly enjoy these days.  Starting my day with gratitude helps me look for more reasons to thank Him.  It is miraculous.  It is freedom.

The parent must always self-parent first, self-preach before child-teach, because who can bring peace unless they've held their own peace? 
 Ann Voskamp-One Thousand Gifts

And another...

In our rushing, bulls in china shops, we break our own lives.

Yes, we must slow it down if we want to live well and be fully in the moment, in the lives of those we love.  

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  1. great post! so glad God blessed you with time to renew.....and remember that in Him you can place your trust. i really liked this post.


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