Monday, April 9, 2012

Sunny and Monday and the important stuff :)

It took almost two years of homeschooling for me to realize something important.
My kids need to sleep in on Mondays.
Oh yes, I know I could wake them and get started "on time"...
I know the theories about early to bed and early to rise...
blah blah blah
I also know that it is almost dinnertime and I am hearing laughter as the sun shines through the new green leaves and dances across my living room.  My kids are running and laughing and filthy, and they got all their school done even though we didn't start until...
well, it doesn't matter.
It all got done and somehow we still have plenty of time to run and dance and laugh.

Yes, structure is important to have an efficient homeschooling day.  But I guess I have learned that if we start the week off rested (because our weekends are SO full!) then the rest of the week will be much more likely to be "on schedule."  The important stuff will all get done.  The rest is just stuff...optional, there if needed to fill an afternoon, but optional.

I am thankful.  Thankful for this freedom, thankful for this call the Lord put on our family.
I am thankful that we get to have slower mornings and I got a second cup of coffee after reading another chapter of Nehemiah before little feet began padding downstairs.
I am thankful that we did school together, made lunch together, ate together and got the house ready for Ami and Papa's arrival together.
Oh, and my five year olds took nice long naps, even after sleeping in today!
I am thankful for children who are best friends and squeals of excitement over who-knows-what amidst the sudden explosion of blooming roses and azaleas.  Oh, it is just so beautiful!
Caterpillars and sticks in the hands of the boys and little girls playing "camp" all afternoon...these days are priceless.

I look out my window and bursts forth and I feel Him smiling.  This is the important stuff.

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