Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And Counting...

It came and went and it was good.

I am 40 and so happy to be!

We have had family in town this past week and I am so behind on emails, blogging, and laundry that I may never catch up.  Add this week with T-ball, dance recital prep, a basketball tournament, and...oh yeah, one more little event this week that has my heart in my throat:

My big girl is going to CAMP.

For a MONTH.

It was her idea.

Mama is nervous and missing her already.

She is so excited (and nervous) that she can hardly sleep!

We have packed and prayed and talked and prepped and the impending departure is upon us.

I am amongst yourselves.  :)

She is going to be surrounded by Jesus, immersed in God's creation, schooled in worship and dependence upon Him.

And I am going to miss her so much.

I am already counting the days until she is back home.

Will you pray for Katie?  This is a huge act of courage for her...something she wants so much but is realizing how LONG a month really is as camp approaches.  Please pray for her to know Him as she has never known Him before.  For friends who love and accept her for who she is in Jesus and for her heart to be brought to a new understanding of her worth in Christ as adolescence begins to make it's arrival.

And you can pray for me, too.  I'm going to feel like a limb is missing with her gone.

But oh, is she ever going to have the time of her life!  I am so excited for her, and so proud of my brave girl.

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  1. Happy belated birthday, sweet friend.


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