Monday, May 21, 2012

My Birthday Wish




In one week (May 28th) I will be the big 4-oh and I can't believe how OK I am with it!
When I turned thirty, I struggled.  It took me by surprise because I had two babies and had been married for seven years so it was time...but as the last day of my 29th year ended my heart grieved for the youth that I feared I was losing.

Little did I know.

My thirties brought so much...3 more children, the joy of finally settling and putting down roots, and new awareness of God's presence and love and grace in the everyday.   This big world became small as God became immeasurable.   My children are healthy, I live in a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood, and my husband loves me.

I have everything I need.
I have almost everything I want.
I am blessed, ridiculously.

He has given me 40 incredible, grace-filled years.  He has loved me, been (incredible) patient with me, and shown me how precious each day is, how important it is for my focus to remain on Him, and Him alone.  When I falter He never fails to lift up my chin and cause my eyes to look upward into His.

So as this milestone birthday approaches, I humbly ask my friends to hear my wish:
DO NOT buy me a gift.

Instead, I want you to take your resources and bless...I want you to sponsor a child for my birthday.

I know that I am asking for a commitment, but it is for both the sake of you and the child you will sponsor.
There are millions of children living in abject poverty that wait for hope.  I have over 600 Facebook friends...and many of you may not realize the power that lies in your willing hand or in your prayers.  When you sponsor a child and witness their transformation, you will be forever changed.
As I turn forty, my heart's desire is to see as many of those kids as possible released from poverty and made aware of their worth and, in the midst of their redemption, for my friends to experience the joy of being used by God to truly transform a life!

My dream is to see forty children sponsored...40 for 40.  I know that is a lot, but I figured I can dream big and let God do what He does best.

As of today, two children have been released from poverty by precious friends who decided to give me this gift of eternal value.

Please, I beg you, pray about sponsoring a child.  Be willing to use my 40th birthday as the excuse to take the step of faith and sign up with Compassion, World Vision, Show Hope, or any other child sponsorship organization that you like.  Then leave a comment to let me know what you have done and the name of your child so I can praise God for using my birthday to lift these children out of poverty.

I want to grow old gracefully, people!
I need your help!

And thank you SO much for dreaming big with me!

This is one of our sponsored children before  she had hope.
Notice the distended belly and the lifeless expression.

This is her NOW!  After one year of sponsorship, she is not the same child!  She is tall, healthy, and beautiful...and she knows she is loved!

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  1. For your 40th birthday, it seems you have already recognized the abundance of blessings in your life. For that I congratulate you. I feared 30, but embraced 40. Now, with only 2 years before I reach a half century, I could not be more excited about the promise of life yet to live and lessons as yet undiscovered.
    Continue to embrace the world with joy.
    Blessings, peace, and good to you.


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