Saturday, May 19, 2012


Driving home from a night out with Mommy, Gracie and Mari discussed who they would be excited to meet in Heaven.  I was grinning as I listened to their conversation:

Gracie:  I want to see Jesus...and Mary and Joseph.
Mari:  I want to see baby Jesus!
Gracie:  Jesus is not a baby anymore, he's a big boy now!

It thrills me that they are so Heavenly minded (Not all the time, mind you...but so much more than I was as a child.) and they they actually look forward to eternity.  There is this sweet joy that fills my heart when they talk about these things...that the reality of Heaven is tangible to them, that they get it and dream of it.

It thrills me and it challenges me at the same time.  God continually reminds me that I am a work in progress.  A mess being made clean.  He uses my children to nail down Truth in my heart that might have otherwise been overlooked.

In teaching my children I am taught.
In helping them learn to control their tongues, I am convicted.
In watching them love, I am shown how He loves.

Mothering this brood of five never ceases to be an adventure.  Sometimes the adventures are physical...exploring and learning about living in this family, in this world.  But often our adventures are internal...eternal.

I pray I will choose daily, hourly, to be Heavenly long for Home and Him.  I pray I will be like my children.

Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.  Mark 10:15

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