Monday, May 7, 2012

And a little child will lead them...

Our church held a special prayer service on Thursday.
Our pastor gave simple instructions as we moved from the time of worship into prayer for our nation.

Thank Him first, then present your requests.

After a few moments of silence, voices raised all around us in gratitude.

I was in that place, "the zone" of prayer, focused and feeling His presence fill the room when a small voice broke through.

It came from just to my came from my Ethiopian daughter.

"Thank you, God, for my bed.
      Thank you that we all have beds.
           Thank you that I have new pajamas because I am getting big.
                  Thank you for my family."

Through tears I looked down the row of chairs to my little daughter whose face was buried in her hands as she spoke, lost in prayer and thanksgiving.

I took in a shaky breath to compose myself as I heard the sweet reactions of our church family.

I was awestruck.

She heard the praises being lifted and it was only natural that she would join...and the thought of being embarrassed or drawing attention to herself was not even a factor.  She prayed from her heart and she knew, without a doubt, that He heard her.

Oh Lord, that we would all find it so natural...

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