Saturday, December 15, 2012


Like everyone else, I have sat dumbfounded as I try to process the tragedy that took place in Connecticut.  What can I say to add to what has already been said?  Nothing.  But still my mind reels and I need to hammer out these thoughts that continue to swirl in my head.

We were driving when the news hit.  Four of the kids were in the back, listening to I-pods or immersed in their own little worlds as we made the hour-long drive to town.  But Katie, she was up front with me as usual.  She heard the news and I couldn't undo it.

"Why would he do this, mama?"  Big tears welled up in her big brown eyes and I remembered her little, unaware of evil, untouched by knowledge of atrocities such as this.

"Because He was evil.  Because the enemy had his way with him, baby.  Remember the devil prowls about like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.  This is what evil does.  This is why we don't toy with things that go against God."

She swallowed hard and the tears spilled over as she buried her head in her hands.  "They were just kids, mama.  They hurt and they were scared.  I keep thinking about them."

I rubbed her shoulder as I drove, hurting for her but thankful for the compassion that flowed from her in this  moment.

"We have to remember that they are not hurting anymore.  They are with Jesus even now, seeing Him face to face.  And you know what?  If we asked them to come back, they would say no.  Because Heaven is that wonderful...that they would rather be there than here.  It's true.  So we need to pray for their families, because they are the ones who hurt.  But one day, this will all stop.  When Jesus comes back, nothing like this will ever happen again."

Her tears continued to flow and she said, "I used to be afraid of Jesus coming back while I'm still alive,
but now I wish he would."

How in the world can my heart rejoice and break at the same time?  But somehow, with that statement, it did.  For the Lord wants us to long for His return...yes, He does!

"The Spirit and the Bride say come."  (Rev. 22:17)  

The fact is, Jesus is coming soon.  This world is winding down, and evil is rampant.  We can try to stop it with laws and speeches, but the Bible told us that what is happening will happen.  These are birth pains, and we await our redeemer with groaning.  We don't need a news article to tell us what to say to our children, we don't need the government to counsel us on safety and parenting and mental health...WE NEED JESUS to return and set this all straight.  We need to shout it out...that HE is our only hope and that blaming God or lashing out in anger are a waste of time.  I keep hearing people say "We send our thoughts to the people of Connecticut."  Don't send your good thoughts, for they are powerless!  PRAY!  Cast your cares upon the Lord, for HE CARES FOR YOU!  Don't you see?  When He returns, all of this madness will be behind us and we will live as He intended from the beginning!  Pray for salvation!  Pray for healing!  Pray for His return!  Fix your eyes upon Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!

THIS is what I told my children.  THIS is how we deal with the unthinkable.  By remembering that it is temporary.  This world is not our home...we are aliens and strangers here.  Our home awaits and until then we are to be light in the darkness, living for Jesus boldly and being willing to bear whatever He calls us to bear in order to bring others to Him.

We walked out the rest of the day, talking it through, careful to protect little ears.  But the younger ones are perceptive.  They sensed something was wrong.  Daddy led us through our Advent reading and, afterward, we prayed.  Gracie volunteered.  She is almost eight now, my sensitive little girl.  Daddy asked her to pray for the families in Connecticut and she looked at him quizzically.

"She doesn't know,"  I whispered.

So we told her that something really bad had happened and that a lot of people were sad.  We bowed her heads and she began.  As she prayed, she said words that I believe were of the Lord...spoken through her.  Truth desperately needed in this dark hour.

"And help them...that they won't be mad in their sadness."

Yes, is this not truth?  In sadness and tragedy, we look to place blame.  We lash out and hurt and cause more injury with careless words, prideful spirits.  In our sadness we easily become angry and sin.

So will you join my daughter and pray?  Pray that in their sadness they will turn to Jesus instead of away from Him.  For without Him, there is no hope.  Those babies are face to face with their Savior now...and my prayer is that, one day, their mommies and daddies and all of their families will stand in joy as they are reunited through the blood of the Lamb.

Yes, come Lord Jesus.
(Revelation 22:20)

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  1. What a wonderful post and what great insight from the mouths of babes!


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