Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winding down...and a question for you.

It is Christmas Eve eve...or what several of my friends have been calling "Christmas Adam!"
I am struck by the lack of activity in my house.

It is quiet, y'all.  That is weird in my world.

Soon we will wind the day down with our Advent devotional and bedtime preparations.  I will peruse the pantry to be sure all is in place for the beginning of tomorrow's pre-Christmas food prep.  But this year, Christmas has been more calm than any year I can remember since having children.
I think I like it.
I'm sure it is because we are not traveling.  Another bonus is my dear hubby took off from work this week so we have really had just a lot of down time.  Almost on the verge of (dare I say?) boredom.


In all this down time, my wheels have been turning.  I find myself longing to go deeper whether it is in the books I read or the websites I visit.  I want more...I want to know more of Christ, I want to to know more of how to live as a wife and mother and woman for Him in this culture that is so quickly spiraling downward. I want to be a light in darkness, to raise up a quiver of bright arrows who soar for Him.  I want, more than anything, to hear "well done" when I stand face-to-face with my King.

As, I'm sure, you do as well.

So I have a question.  Besides the obvious first stop of the Word of God for wisdom, where do you go when you need encouragement?  Where do you learn about mothering and marriage and being a godly woman who swims upstream?  I would love suggestions, whether it is a book, website, or whatever.
I want to start the new year off on purpose.  Maybe we could do it together?


  1. Um, well, I go to you and this blog, friend! So I sure hope you get some good answers since you are my momma role model!

  2. I wish I had some great resource to offer you but I'm very much interested in the answers you get. And, I would love to join you in this quest. Please let me know what you hear!

    Jamie Jackson

  3. A Holy Experience- blog
    Desiring God- blog
    Lisa Qualls- blog
    Hinds Feet on High Places- book
    A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23- book
    Scotty Smith- blog

    These are some I visit. I, too, am eager to see what everyone else uses.

  4. Just read Now You're Speaking My Language by Gary Chapman...great marriage read:)!


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