Wednesday, November 20, 2013


So my sweet Drew is a touchy-feely one.  He loves cuddles and holding hands and long full-body hugs. That makes his mama very happy.
He is growing at an amazing rate these days.  Only 7 years old but the size of your average 9 year old, it is easy to forget that he really is a little boy inside.  Especially because he is freakishly strong!

Tonight I was saying goodnight to the three younger kiddos.  Our bedtime routine is not elaborate at all. With five busy kids and after a full day of homeschooling and chauffering to various activities, I have zero energy for a long, drawn out routine that involves multiple stories, games, etc.  Bedtime in this house is pretty much to the point.  The kids put on jammies, brush their teeth, and get in bed.  Then Daddy and I come up to pray with them, smother sweet faces in kisses, and say good night.
So, anyway, I went into DJ's room (where Drew sleeps.)
Yes, Drew has his own room.
No, he rarely sleeps in it.
DJ has a trundle and the boys like being together, so we just go with it.  I got down on the bed with Drew and wrapped my arms around him, pretending to munch on his delicious chocolatey neck.  He was pretending not to like it and giggling so I snuck a hand into an armpit and tickled him like there was no tomorrow!  He went nuts, laughing so hard he could barely make a sound, kicking and fighting (but not really, because he loves it) and finally yelling "Mercy!"  I stopped, feeling the smile stretch my cheeks as he caught his breath and said emphatically,

"I love you!"

Now let me tell you, this was no ordinary "I love you."  This was the you've-just-filled-up-my-love-tank-and-I-can't-inhale-again-until-I-pour-out-these-words-on-you  I love you.  It was music to my ears and the kisses from my happy boy were plenty as I tucked him in, still breathless.

A while later the big kids headed up.  Katie graced me with hugs and DJ kind of kissed me in a 13 year old boy sort of way.  "I love you," I called up the stairs as their footsteps pounded away.  "I love you, too," they both replied.

Then DJ followed up with "You're young!"

Wait.  What?

I'm not gonna question that one.  I'm just gonna go with it.

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