Saturday, November 16, 2013


So if you know me, you know I have this side of me that has "rock star dreams."  I guess we all do.  I love music, I love to be around musicians, and I enjoy concerts immensely!

This past year, my hubby and I have been on quite the concert-going kick.  We have seen Andrew Peterson, Jars of Clay, Toad the Wet Sprocket (90's shout-out!), I went to the Dove Awards and just last week we saw Ed Kowalcyk (formerly of the band Live...another 90's throwback!).  It is always so fun to actually meet the musicians and, being an extrovert I make sure we do if at all possible!

Now the neat thing about this last concert we saw is that Ed K. is a relatively new Christian.  We heard he has given his life to Jesus and have kept up with his songs and albums over the past few years (though we don't hear them on the radio) and we were excited to have the chance to see him perform!

Talk about talent.  He rocked, literally.  The man performed solo and blew us away.  He sang new songs full of worship, and old ones peppered with new lyrics...celebrating the Lord.  The people in the room who were there for the old songs, who didn't know about his conversion, were probably impressed with his "spirituality."  But we knew...we knew the change that has taken place and we knew to Whom he was singing!
Afterward, we waited in line for the chance to meet him and take a photo.  I knew what I wanted to say and looked for the chance.  The drunk girl in front of us was kind of dominating him...bless him.  He was so nice. She was so...not.  I seriously thought she was going to throw up on him.  Finally she was dragged out by her man friend stumbled out and it was our turn.  He smiled, signed the t-shirt, and my chance was there.
I put my hand on his arm and said, "I love how Jesus has affected your music."

His eyes suddenly brightened and he smiled genuinely as he looked straight at me.  A look of recognition, of realizing that someone "got it."

"I feel it too," he said.

"It is fabulous...amazing."

"Thank you.  Thank you so much."

And I took my hubby's hand and walked out, amazed.


Because I had just spoken with probably one of the biggest rock stars of the 90's, but all I saw when I stood next to him was a fellow believer and God had given me words for him.   How often do we meet new people and instantly recognize Jesus in one another?  Is it not the sweet gift of Grace that connects us all as believers, no matter what walk of life from which we come?  I am just an ordinary girl, a mom who likes to sing in the car and embarrass my kids, and God allowed me to encourage a brother in Christ and tell him that we can SEE, we can see the change and it is good and right and keep it up.

Your message is strong.  When you sang "I believe in you" and looked up to Heaven, we did too.  Don't stop, even amidst drunk groupies and middle-aged fans who think they are still 25 when you sing "The Dolphins Cry," the light of Christ is there.  How I hope more artists and musicians see the Truth for themselves and become Christians, glorifying God with the gifts He has given them!

And knowing people like him will be there makes me even more convinced that Heaven is going to totally rock.  :)

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