Friday, November 22, 2013

What's that SMELL?

They piled into the car one by one.  Me, the chauffer of four teenage boys heading to Youth Group.  My big boy and I were making the rounds, picking up his friends.  They chattered amongst themselves...voices deepening, tapping on phones and I-pods, all very cool, or at least trying to appear so.

I smiled as I listened in on their conversations.  School, sports, friends.  Their laughter and friendly ribbing was a welcome sound as I realized the privilege I had been given of being present for this moment, this season, this emerging from boyhood into manhood and all the awkward moments that they will experience in between.

Just as my heart began to wax poetic, I became aware of...

a scent.

Wait.  No, that is not just a scent.  It is an odor.  And it just keeps getting stronger.
Oh my word, what is that?  WHO is that?  Did someone forget to shower?  Or put on deodorant?
And how the heck do they not smell themselves?

I stifle a cry for help and try to decide if it would be rude to roll down the window.

I can hardly breathe now.  I hold my breath as long as I can and when I am forced to inhale I do so through my mouth.


I am nearly gagging now, and the boys are still talking...completely oblivious to the horrid, putrid smell emanating from one of them...
or maybe all of them?

I turn on the air conditioner.  I crank it up to HIGH and try to direct the fresh air toward my face.  I look over at my boy, next to me in the front seat, and wonder if he notices.

Surely he notices and is just being polite, right?

Finally we arrive at the church and they all clamber out, a mass of body odor, AXE body spray (which apparently does not mask aforementioned body odor!), and swag.  I roll down the window and inhale deeply, trying to clear my infected lungs.

And I realize that I am knee deep in a new season of life.

Praise the Lord and pass the Lysol.

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