Wednesday, August 15, 2012

He uses the simple...

Each morning we begin our school day with a Bible story.  Usually we read from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones.  The "plan" is for the big kids to do their own devotionals and prayer time while I read to the littles, but these stories are so captivating they end up on the bed with us every single time.

And I'm ok with that.

Have I mentioned that our school room has a queen-sized bed?  Yeah, it used to be the guest bed.  Now it is the cuddle-up and read spot.  I don't know how we ever did school without that bed.

So last week we began our third read-through of the book.  It had been a while since we had used it, having spent time in 1 and 2 Peter and reading from Psalms and Proverbs over the summer.

I turned to the second story..."The Terrible Lie."  I read of Satan's deception, how he, in essence, convinced Eve that God didn't really love her.  That God didn't want her to be happy.

Oh, how easily we fall.  How often he still uses that one against us.

I read on...

"Just trust me," the serpent whispered.  "You don't need God.  One small taste, that's all, and you'll be happier than you could ever dream."

We are so very gullible, aren't we?

I read slowly, dramatically, and all five children listened with eyes glued to mine.

Adam and Eve, banished from their home.  Sent away, out into the world and suddenly in danger.  Death creeping in as the clock of time began to tick, tick, tick away.

But God...

In spite of everything, God loves His children.  And his children would always miss Him, long for Him. We are "lost children yearning for our home."   But He didn't let the story end there.  He already had a rescue plan in place.


"One day, God Himself would come."

I closed the book and the kids were quiet.  DJ looked me straight in the eye and spoke out of the fullness of his heart.

"Mom, I want to be baptized."

I breathed in and out and willed my heart to stay calm.  "Ok," I said.  "We can talk to Dad about it when he gets home.  Then he will call Pastor Barry and they can set it up."

He nodded and I let it go.  We worked through our school day and my spirit prayed.

You see, DJ is twelve.  Twelve...well, it is hard.  He has had great days and awful days and days of every range in between as he has wrestled with who he is and whose he is and why is he here and does it all really matter anyway?

Are my parents telling fairy tales or does God really love me?  I believe in Jesus but all this obedience junk...I'm not a bad kid so does He really care what I do?  

(Mom's translation of the unspoken.)

But suddenly, in this simple story written for children quite young, my twelve year old boy saw and believed and the Holy Spirit that was already living inside of him since he was seven years old rose up and grabbed him with both hands and my boy...he said "YES" to God.

Then, if that was not wonderful enough, Katie decided to join him.  She had discussed the possibility of being baptized several times, but always put it off.  Waited.  We always told her she would know when the time was right.

And now it was.  Because she was waiting for her big brother.

Of course.

They have been the best of friends since she was born.  I often find them sitting side-by-side, her head on his shoulder, watching TV or looking at a book together.  She absolutely adores him and is just not the same when he is not around.  He is her protector, her security, and her favorite companion. Of course she would want to take this big step with him.  That is how they live.

So on Sunday, I watched with tears streaming down my cheeks as my husband...their earthly Father...through sobs and words of blessing lowered his oldest children into the waters of Baptism before our beloved church family.  I watched my son walk into those waters with a strong focus and determination that I have never before seen in him, and I watched my daughter, mature and unwavering in her stand, lock eyes with me as she went under.  I dried their glistening faces and kissed their sweet heads and my heart sang.  I have no greater joy than to know my children are walking in Truth.


  1. I love are a blessed Mom to have children who love the Lord and wanted to confess Him before the world. Thanks for sharing this sweet story with us...

  2. Amen! I am amazed at God when my children get it, when they say things that tell me that God is working in their lives, and it humbles me to the core.

  3. How wonderful that K baptized his children. My dad baptized me when I was about Katie's age. On that day, my grandmother gave me a sterling silver dove bookmark from James Avery and that was in my Bible till it disappeared somewhere. Your story made me wonder where it is again.


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