Monday, August 27, 2012


Aaaaand, we're off!
The Fall 2012 sports season has begun with a plethora of activities to make one's head spin!
Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Ballet, Clogging , Piano, Drums, and...oh yeah...LIFE to keep us busy, busy, busy.

So what I am going to do?
I'm going to sit on my front porch with a cup of coffee and my Bible and just breathe in the morning.
I'm going to rock and listen to the creaking of the wooden planks beneath me and notice how the sun shines slanted through the leaves of our tall trees.

Just.  Breathe.

Because He wants us to be still and know that HE is God.
Not sports, not dance, not music, not education.  HE, alone, is God.
If I allow all these fun and busy things to push Him aside, then I am making a serious mistake...
a fatal mistake, if you will, because trying to live life in my own strength results in failure and sin every single time.  I have made that mistake too many times and I am painfully aware of what I become when He is not given full reign over my heart and my schedule.  I cannot, I must not let busy crowd Him out of my day.   I must strive to walk in the Spirit every moment, not only for my own sake, but for the sake of my children.  I will do it imperfectly, of course.  But I must set that as my goal.

He cannot use me, use US, if we allow the busyness of daily life to drown out His voice.  We must actively listen and seek Him and that is the key...
the key to "doing it all."
The key is to push it all aside and be with the Lover of my Soul before anyone else and let Him dictate what is important.  Linger over that difficult passage.  Pause and share the wonder of His Story as I read it to my children.
Lead them to drink by taking the first sip.
Savor, swallow, and drink deep because the Living Water is so very sweet.
Let Him fill me to overflowing so I can, in turn, share that abundance with my family.
If I am not full, then I mother them empty and I cheat them of the best He has to offer.
Yes, these mornings are the lifeblood of my day.
Before I can possibly be ready to go, I must stop.

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  1. Ok so reading this before I had my quiet time. I'm now closing my computer and getting my bible...thanks


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