Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weak stomachs, do not read!

The other day, miss Gracie was not feeling well.  It was just a head cold...stuffy nose and maybe the slightest fever.  So I have her some tylenol and a blanket and she rested on the couch in front of the Olympics.

A bit later, my mom called.  As I chatted with her my hubs left to run an errand.  It was after dinner and I was cleaning up the kitchen while I talked to my mom.  (Talking to her always makes dishes less tedious!)  After we finished talking, I walked across the room to check on Gracie.  She was holding her stomach and grimacing.

"Honey, does your tummy hurt?"

"Yes," she said as she started to cry.  Then she burped.

"Are you going to be sick?"

And then the answer became abundantly clear.  Poor baby.  I whisked her out of the kitchen to the bathroom and realized with horror that Danny, our 102 pound German Shepherd, was following me.

He ran right through the, um, puke.  With his giant paws.  And he was  tracking it across the floor and heading straight to the living room carpet.

I had a split-second decision to make.  Stay with Gracie and have to sanitize literally every square inch of our  first floor or send her on the bathroom and GET THE DOG OUT OF THE HOUSE.

I do hope you understand why I chose the latter.  I literally dove at him, grabbing him by a flank and steering him toward the back door.  I tried not to freak utterly out as he tracked the yuck back across the kitchen and all the way to the back door, across the screened porch and deck.

Then I ran to check on Gracie, who by now was feeling much better.  I cleaned up the majority of the, um, yuck and asked Katie to swiffer the floor while I cleaned up the bathroom.  All this time, Mari stood still, wide eyed.  She had been planning on going upstairs but now had an, er, obstacle to cross.

"You can go up if you want.  It's ok."

She paused.  "I think I will just pray for Gracie."

Sweet girl.  I praised her and went back to my disgusting task.  And then, once Gracie was back to herself and playing like nothing had ever happened, I did what any good  mom would do.  I shared the story on Facebook.

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  1. Oh! My! Goodness! I can soooo relate. And seriously, I do believe all mothers can, lol. Let's just say there's an unfortunate incident involving an ill child, undigested food from "the other end", and a family pet. HORRIFIED? You bet. :/ Oh, the things faced in motherhood, lol.


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