Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Sister

This season of motherhood is often challenging, but so rewarding.  I no longer have toddlers or preschoolers but I have two tweens, a pre-tween, and two kindergarteners!

For.  The.  Love.

But in the midst of juggling all the various stages of hormonal angst that can occur in this house, I get blessed glimpses of the adults (I pray) they will become and I am encouraged.

Take Katie, for instance.

My precocious girl, my muscular swimmer and lover of all things bling.  My fashionista and sass-master.  
I swear she was 3 just five minutes ago, but I digress.

She greatly enjoys being a helper with her little sisters, especially on the mornings when we have places to go such as church or DJ's basketball games.  She lays out the outfits for the younger girls, perfectly coordinated, and plans everything down to the hair accessories the evening before.  In the morning, she happily oversees their dressing and has even learned to fix their hair...fluffing out a perfect afro with headband and giant flower or a sweet side ponytail.  

It is wonderful.

And the best part?  (Besides the fact that I can consistently fix my hair and even wear makeup again!)  The conversation and giggles I hear wafting down the stairs.

Nothing makes me happier than watching my children love each other.  
It gets me through the days when they...
well, when they fight like cats and dogs.  

Not that those days happen often.  
Ahem.  :)

Blessings to you, sweet mommies, as you train up your children today!  May you be gifted with much sweet laughter in your home! 

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